Our progress so far…

We have a committed team of doctors and other support staff led by Dr. Venkat Ramakrishnan, a renowned breast reconstructive surgeon and Dr. Selvi Radhakrishna, a renowned breast cancer surgeon.

We have 21,000 sqft of land at a premium locality in Chennai given by Mrs. Radhika Santhankrishnan’s family for the project.

The assets and legacy of Dr. Selvi Radhakrishna’s Chennai Breast Centre are transferrable to the Foundation.

The hospital building plan has been done by Hosmac, a team of architects from Mumbai who are specialists in Hospital design. The building plans have been submitted for approvals from regulatory authorities including Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority and Atomic energy review board.

What we need…

Breast Cancer Diagnostic and Research Laboratory [Cost approximately 2.5 Crores ($ 373,135)]

Histopathology is a cornerstone in the diagnosis of breast cancer, staging and planning treatment. A state-of-the-art specialist laboratory that does advance testing along with basic biochemistry and hematology has been planned

Operating Theaters [Cost approximately 2.5 Crores ($ 373,135)]

The hospital is designed with two major operation theaters with state-of-the-art equipment including an operating microscope to do micro vascular reconstruction.

Radiotherapy [Cost approximately 12 Crores ($ 1,791,045)]

Many women in our country choose to avoid or are not offered breast preserving surgical options for want of good radiotherapy. Chennai breast cancer research foundation would ensure that no one is limited by cost or lack of facilities for radiotherapy to ensure the best possible quality of life and survival outcomes. A linear accelerator to provide radiotherapy facility has been planned for the centre.

Hospital Beds [Cost approximately 50 Lakhs ($ 74,625)]

The total bed count for the proposed hospital is 50 which include pre & post operative, recovery, high dependency unit and chemotherapy beds. These beds would be equipped with medical gas lines and monitoring equipment.

Furniture & Fittings [Cost approximately 55 Lakhs ($ 82,090)]

The furniture and fittings for the project would be functional and comfortable for the patients.

Hospital Information Technology, Library and Training Centre [Cost approximately 1.5 Crores ($ 223,880)]

The facility would be having an IT department with an integrated hospital management software system, telecom network, housekeeping facility inside the hospital.