Sraddha ; A vision of life…

The end of breast cancer treatment signals a new phase of your life and care. Many find they face new issues and concerns, perhaps feeling more alone .Regaining a sense of balance and normalcy afterward can be as challenging as the disease itself. The reality for a majority of patients is there are a number of short- and long-term physical, psychological and financial effects to cope with following medical treatment for breast cancer — what is often referred to as the “new normal.” And, complicating things further, there are often minimal structures in place to ensure communication between a patient’s oncology and primary care health care team once treatment is completed.

Sraddha ; A vision of life… A day to celebrate survivorship, to address some of these concerns was organized for patients and their caregivers on 5th August 2017. Over 100 ladies who had a brush with breast cancer were there ,
to share their experience, give strength , get stronger and more motivated to stay healthy. Arati Datta took charge of the program and threaded all the events together and made sure everything went on time.

Mrs. Sucy Titus inaugurated the meeting along with Mrs. Radhika Santhanakrishnan. The day started with a lymphedema workshop. Tips to prevent lymphedema, and understanding lymphedema, exercises, sleeves, manual lymphatic drainage, and night bandaging techniques were discussed and demonstrated.

Exploring complimentary and alternative modalities of treatment is integral to the holistic approach to treating the patient. Traditional systems of medicine can help with reducing toxicity , boosting immunity and help with recovery.
Some have anti cancer benefits although they may not be tested and proven rigorously like allopathic medicines.
Dr. Girija ,Dr. Maa Vama and Dr. Jegadish
spoke about integrating traditional methods of medicine along with and after cancer treatment.

Diet plays an important role in recovery and healthy life. Dr.Dharani spoke very clearly about balanced diet .
You are what you eat. A healthy balanced diet takes care of healing and more importantly helps to get back to normal energy levels .

Psychological healing is very important. Addressing the fear of recurrence, social adjustment, coping with the new body image, getting back to work can all be very intimidating and stressful. Peer support , and counseling helps and this was addressed by Dr. Ravi Samuel and Mrs. Ruby Ahluwalia of Sanjeevani wellness centre ( Mumbai) She shared her experience with the diagnosis and treatment and the work done by her NGO with Tata Memorial Centre.

We had a very interesting Medical Panel with Dr. Ramanan, Dr. Jayashri Gajaraj, Dr. Jayshri Gopal, Dr. Tamilselvi to answer some on the common concerns that come up after treatment. Fatigue, Insomnia, Joint pains, diabetes, Thyroid problems, urinary symptoms, post menopausal symptoms and tamoxifen related side effects.

Mrs. Sangeetha,
with her golden voice , sang the invocation , and entertained us between breaks. Sulakshana Badani gave her tips about staying stylish during and after treatment . We packed up the day with an exercise session with Mrs. Selvi , and danced to Zumba with Nanditha.

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